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Agil is an axe wielding seller who has a beneficial dating with Kirito

Agil is an axe wielding seller who has a beneficial dating with Kirito

Within the Underworld, Kirito still retained his memory and you will emotions to possess Asuna, it is unable to consider things after the date he requested their to get to The usa that have him. Abreast of comprehending that he had been involved worldwide, he had been ripped ranging from selecting an easy means to fix stay away from therefore he could return along with her and you will to relax and play aside his part in this «  » new world «  ».

Tsuboi Ryoutarou (Klein)

Klein is actually Kirito’s first buddy ahead of conference Asuna. He turned into Kirito’s pal after he expected Kirito to educate your playing SAO. Klein was mostly of the people that Kirito regarded as a beneficial « friend ». Klein really cares to have his nearest and dearest that’s intent on staying these real time, and that Kirito greatly respects. Klein will value Kirito, as the he knows his loner character, and you may informs Asuna so you can « care for him » and that the guy « isn’t really a bad child » that she replies she’ll and she’s got way back when identified correspondingly.

Klein is even accountable for giving Kirito additional strength, as the found whenever Kirito was not able to revive Sachi once the duration of this lady death try long towards Divine Brick of Returning Spirit. The guy daily match with Kirito and his family unit members and you can from time to time go together inside quests inside ALO, especially pursuing the release of the country Seed products. One such such as for example has the newest pursuit of Excalibur.

Andrew Gilbert Mills (Agil)

He was among the many a couple which realized why as to why Kirito became an excellent Beater. Such Klein and you may Asuna, he and additionally respects Kirito, and constantly even offers people help they can when Kirito demands it (instance sheltering him whenever Kirito turned famous immediately after their Twin Blades will get recognized, otherwise using new « Seed » you to definitely Kayaba offered Kirito). Agil ‘s the very first person who Kirito visits as he wants to possess people check one facts he receives regarding fighting otherwise offering something.

Ayano Keiko (Silica)

Silica is a player that Kirito met as he are wandering doing regarding the thirty-five th Floor. When Silica requested him why is he are kind so you can the lady, he offered the woman a « manga-like » respond to you to she is much like their « sister ».

Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth)

Kirito first found Lisbeth when he concerned their store in order to find the second sword immediately following getting referred to the lady by Asuna. Kirito requested a customized blade, and you will just after the guy broke a knowledgeable sword she got in stock, she pressed your to go with the woman towards the a quest locate the latest unique ore required for work. Inside trip, due to their methods with his unforeseen kindness and you can virtues, she expands thinking to have Kirito. Adopting the trip, she demands to become Kirito’s personal blacksmith, hinting a romantic characteristics. She is devastated whenever she learns you to Kirito try Asuna’s smash so there is actually common feelings between them. Even when this lady feelings was indeed unrequited, she discovers solace when Kirito tells her regarding the « Black Pets » and you can acknowledges, the very first time immediately after dropping their guild, he’d felt senior match hesap silme alive once again as he is actually partying with her.

After they fulfill on the real world, she will get a frequent player into the ALO and frequently plays quests having Kirito with his family unit members and takes up jobs away from upgrading the gadgets. She plus visits university that have Kirito, Asuna, and you will Silica.


Sachi is a member of the latest guild Moonlit Black colored Pets which Kirito befriended. They truly became most personal, to the point away from sleeping together with her in the same room; the matchmaking also known as « two stray kittens licking each other people’s wounds » as they comforted one another. Their dating are close sufficient that they had a contributed webpage in for each and every other’s catalog (comparable, but not quite at the number of partnered players who had combined stocks). Kirito promised this lady one she’d perhaps not die, even though unfortuitously, he would be unable to continue his phrase. Despite the lady history content gave your the fresh new electricity to call home, the guy nevertheless never ever completely were able to refrain his shame up until he partnered Asuna.

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